10:14 23 February in Rhyme

Gather your shadows

gather the screams

where the long lost love

of forgotten dreams

march to the drum

of your soul’s command

in the battlefield

of a blind man’s band


gather your shreds

gather the splinters

the haunting howl

of demonic winters

where frost-bitten faith

singing songs of sorrow

hides a hope-filled sun

and a warm tomorrow


gather your courage

then gather your being

there’s a life beyond

our fractured seeing

these are times of war

with our souls at stake:

we are remnants of

an afterquake.

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Mia Smit

Mia Smit
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    Albert 10:31h, 23 February Reply

    keep on shouting to the rest of us.
    Your voice carries strong men across.

    yours, awkwardly
    a fellow-gatherer.

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    marionette 10:31h, 23 February Reply

    Hardcore! Hoendervleis….

    Meisie, as jy ‘n bundel publiseer koop ek die eerste een. Love your work!

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    Ena 18:00h, 23 February Reply

    Kragtig. Dit spreek tot my vandag, ‘frost-bitten faith’. Dankie Here dat U vir Mia SO ‘n ongelooflike talent gegee het, en dankie Mia dat jy ons seen met jou gebruik daarvan.

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