10:23 25 March in Rhyme

The slight of hand

from your mind’s fingers

is the surest proof

that your life lingers

on the smoky edges

of decision making:

Sound the call for truth

and an undertaking.


When the crowd has gone

and the spotlight burns

on the seamless sway

of your twisting turns

let the tricks dissolve

and the mirrors fall:

Truth demands a curtain call.


The stage is set for silence

the script says we’re inept

incapable and clueless

in beyond our depth

All props assist the promise:

true greatness if we rise

beyond our practiced showmanship

and perfect,polished lives.


10:14 23 February in Rhyme

Gather your shadows

gather the screams

where the long lost love

of forgotten dreams

march to the drum

of your soul’s command

in the battlefield

of a blind man’s band


gather your shreds

gather the splinters

the haunting howl

of demonic winters

where frost-bitten faith

singing songs of sorrow

hides a hope-filled sun

and a warm tomorrow


gather your courage

then gather your being

there’s a life beyond

our fractured seeing

these are times of war

with our souls at stake:

we are remnants of

an afterquake.


06:08 23 January in Rhyme

Master Fear

pays his people

in shudders and in sighs

signs his cheques

with “don’t you dares!”

with nevers

and with nighs

he speaks in sullen stories

he screams, and shouts, and sweats

and gathers all his contractors

like credit cards do debt


We’re hirelings

We’re earthbound

Must work

to live

to eat

and chance does not determine

which master we will meet

choose wisely when committing

your do’s

your don’ts

your days

the chosen masters’ currency

will surely pay your wage