God Tag


09:22 27 April in Rym
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Ek bou ‘n huis uit strootjies:

die ooglopende trek van lootjies

kaarte gekies

kaarte gedeel

kanse gewaag

en kanse verspeel

wat mettertyd die paaie pak

waar my lewensspore neer kan sak


Ek bou ‘n huis uit foute:

bekommerd en benoude

lesse geleer

lesse gedop

liefdes probeer

en liefdes gestop

wat kollektief die stene sterk

vir die holtes van my binnekerk


Ek bou ‘n huis uit tyd:

werk my heil en helsvrees uit

God ontdek

God gebreek

goed gevind

en goed versteek

wat almal saam my legkaart pas

verligting teen die lewenslas


Ek bou ‘n huis uit rus:

veilig,warm, knus



plek van water bloed en wyn.

The Voice of Truth

12:59 16 January in Rhyme

He was a prophet
she was a spy
he knew all things
she lived a lie
they found a plot
they pitched a tent:
“Tomorrow and the truth for rent.”

the people came
their futures told
all secrets shared
beware, behold!
the coming days
the hidden things
your joys and hopes
your sufferings

but prophets live to tell the truth
and spies will die to hide it
with tick of time
despite the rhyme
their tongue became divided

he prayed to God
she phoned the state
the spotlight fell
so clear to see
their future’s fading harmony

because he was still
a prophet
because she was still
a spy
and the heart of truth
should share a voice
or its living is
a lie.


14:57 07 December in Rhyme
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is too much
of a la-la word
so I’m not
gonna point it at you

still I write
I yearn
for a spark
a term
that will translate
what is true

I’ve brought many words
to many things
but to you
I will give
my silence

to you alone
THIS space:

my tongue
just a fool
in the fullness
of Your face.


07:25 01 December in Rhyme
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When I say that God is good
I’m not pointing
to my blessings
I’m referring to
the fact
that I

the outside
the everything
still roars above my anything
me breathless
to believe

that He
is the maker
of miracles

that He
is the inbetween

the search
the find
and the tremble

the towering Unseen.