The exodus

12:50 06 March in Rhyme

Learning the art
of walking away
is a messy
and inexact science
keep it together
whilst going astray
but not in defiance

when weaning is proving testing
and leaving leaves you dry
and a flood of plagues
assaults your earth
you best
be knowing

There’s a promised land in waiting
there’s a rest beyond belief
a king so true
that he’ll fight for you
and escape from every thief.

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Mia Smit

Mia Smit
  • ilse golden 14:59h, 06 March Reply

    Mia, dit is so stunning! So tot die been eerlik. Met die Groot Waarheid as die laaste sé….!

  • mamma 10:13h, 08 March Reply

    Taking a big leap is never easy, but worth taking the risk!

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